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Yumemigusa (Logo)
2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ (2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ 第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji Dai-ni-maku ~Tsukiuta Kitan "Yumemigusa"~), or in short referred to as Yumemigusa, is the second of a series of dance live adaptations of the Tsukiuta. that will be held at the Roppongi Blue Theater from October 27 to October 31.[1]

There are two kinds of shows, which will be performed once per day, the Sakura Chapter (桜の章, sakura-no-shou), which focuses more on Six Gravity (Arata & Aoi), and the Moon Chapter (月の章, tsuki-no-shou), which focuses more on Procellarum (You & Yoru). All members of the cast will be featured in all of the performances.[1]



Main CastEdit

Back-up EnsembleEdit

  • kizuku
  • Ishii Yuki (石井 裕貴)
  • Moriwaki Yohei (森脇 洋平)
  • Senuma Masayuki (瀬沼 真幸)
  • Kubo Akinori (久保 瑛則) (fight scene only)
  • Hasegawa Takayuki (長谷川 隆幸) (fight scene only)
  • Horiuchi Hiroshi (堀内 寛嗣) (fight scene only)
  • Yamamoto Tsunefumi (山本 常文) (fight scene only)


Vocals for Dance Live Song SetlistEdit

Vocals for Yumemigusa SoundtrackEdit


  • Original Creator, Screenplay: Fujiwara (Movic)
  • Character Design: Jiku
  • Direction: Itou Hidetaka
  • Music: Ashura Strauss, Machigerita, Nijihara Peperon, Nem, Hitoshizuki×Yama△
  • Choreography: Ookatsu Kaori
  • Costume: Yoshida Miho
  • Make-up: Nishimura Yuuji, Sugita Tomoko
  • Organizer: TsukiSta. Production Committee (Movic/Planet Kids Entertainment/Arutemate)

Song SetlistEdit

Original SongsEdit

In addition to set of songs that will be used for the dance live, there will be new songs performed by the cast specifically made for Yumemigusa.

Used for the Dance LiveEdit

Promotional VideosEdit

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 新&葵00:53

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 新&葵

"TsukiSta.: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ PV (Arata and Aoi)

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 陽&夜00:51

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 陽&夜

"TsukiSta.: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ PV (You and Yoru)

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』CM 新&葵 15秒00:16

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』CM 新&葵 15秒

"TsukiSta.: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ CM (Arata and Aoi) (15 seconds)

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』CM 陽&夜 15秒00:16

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』CM 陽&夜 15秒

"TsukiSta.: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ CM (You and Yoru) (15 seconds)

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 第2弾01:12

『ツキステ。第二幕 ~月歌奇譚「夢見草」~』PV 第2弾

"TsukiSta.: Act II: ~The Legend of Tsukiuta: "Yumemigusa"~ PV Part 2


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