LunaticParty (Logo)
2.5 Dimension Dance Live "Tsukiuta." Stage: Lunatic Party (2.5次元ダンスライブ「ツキウタ。」ステージ 第4幕『Lunatic Party』, 2.5-jigen Dansu Raibu "Tsukiuta". Suteeji Dai-4-maku "Lunatic Party"), or in short referred to as LunaPar, is the fourth of a series of dance live adaptations of the Tsukiuta..

The performances will be held at the Roppongi Blue Theater from October 11 to October 15.[1]



Main CastEdit

Side Cast (Dorm's pets)Edit



Vocals for Dance Live Song SetlistEdit


  • Original Creator, Screenplay: Fujiwara (Movic)
  • Character Design: Jiku
  • Direction: Itou Hidetaka
  • Music: Ashura Strauss
  • Choreography: Ookatsu Kaori
  • Costume: Yoshida Miho
  • Make-up: Nishimura Yuuji, Sugita Tomoko

Song SetlistEdit

Promotional VideosEdit


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