Ame Onnatte Iwanaide
Released January 30, 2015
Producer Yuyoyuppe
Character Terase Yuno
Seiyuu Satou Rina
Preview NicoNico
Track list
1. OP(ミニドラマ)
OP (Mini-drama)
2. 雨女って言わないで
Ame Onnatte Iwanaide / Don't Call Me Rain Woman
words, music, arrange: Yuyoyuppe
3. 紫陽花 YUNO Ver (原題:あめふり)
Ajisai YUNO Ver (Gendai: Amefuri) / Hydrangea YUNO Ver (Original: Rainfall)
words, compose, arrange: Yuyoyuppe
4. ED(ミニドラマ)
ED (Mini-drama)

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