Japanese ディアブロ
Romanized Diablo
Nickname Di-kun (ディーくん)
Gender Male
Owner Shimotsuki Shun

Diablo (ディアブロ) is a mystical creature that belongs to Shimotsuki Shun.


He has no specific shapes so he is seen as/possessed a red box of tangerine (mikan). The only person who knows his true form, be able to open and help him changing boxes is Shun.


  • He is brought from hell to the dorm by Shun.
  • People say if another person beside Shun opens the box, the world will be destroyed.
  • Many delivery men were scared by him.
  • Sometimes when Diablo plays near the dorm's door, delivery man thinks he is meant to be sent, so he is taken away.
  • He was presented as a cabbage box.

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