My Sweet Beloved
Song title
Drama (MC Corner)
Singer Producer(s)
Kisaragi Ai (MAKO) -
Album Release Date
My Sweet Beloved July 22, 2016

My Sweet Beloved

Pink Opal


*audience cheers*

Thank you very much!

*audience cheers*

Thanks to everyone's cheering, not only that I managed to not make any mistake with the lyrics, but I was also able to sing until the very end. I'm feeling really relieved now.

He said that 'the audience will support you'... I see now that it's true.

Ah, being told that so suddenly, of course no one would understand, right? It's a second-hand knowledge from my big brother.

Uhm, I'm sure that there are some of you who knows about it: I have a twin brother, and that big brother of mine also worked in the same agency as a fellow idol.

As an idol, my big brother is much more senior than I do, and he has a lot more experiences, so I often discussed things with him and received a lot of advice as well. Things like giving greetings, how to behave while in studios and changes that may happen, things that I must pay attention during talk corners, and on-stage performances, and much more.

The more I ask him, the more I feel like, 'I see!' and the more I learned!

Of course, even though both of us are idols, there's difference between male and female idols, but we basically share the same feelings.

In that aspect, I feel that we're really brother and sister.

We'd like to become existences that can in turn back up the fans that had supported us. That is ours, Kisaragi twins's objective as idols and the purpose of our idol activities.

As we work, sometimes things wouldn't go smoothly, or it would be so difficult and troublesome, so everything doesn't always went nicely for us. But, that's something natural, even in the usual livelihood of everyone here. It's a normal thing, right?

Everyone is just the same as us, right?

That's why it makes me thinks, the things that we received from you, we'd like to return it to all of you.

I received many words and feelings from you guys. 'Go for it!', 'You're great!', 'I'm cheering for you!'.

That's why, I, too, want to deliver all these words and feelings, and also songs to you all.

I'll pour all my feelings into my singing.

'Go for it!', 'You're great!', 'I'm cheering for you!'.

Well then, please hear it out: the second song.

*audience cheers*


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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