Nageki no Tani no Camellia
Song title
Drama (MC Corner)
Singer Producer(s)
Tendouin Tsubaki (Uesaka Sumire) N/A
Album Release Date
Nageki no Tani no Camellia September 23, 2016

Nageki no Tani no Camellia

Ginpaku Kishi-tai Sanka


crowd cheering

[time:0:07] This room is brimming with white light from the lightsticks... slowly swaying, wavering, glittering... thank you, my ignorant fools! ... no, People of Albion Kingdom. I feel really satisfied.

crowd cheering

Well then, the first song has ended. The end of this banquet is also approaching closer.

Thank you for joining us until the very end. I shall express my gratitude on behalf of me and the others.

How do you feel now, after getting through from the very start to the very end? Are there anything that leaves a great impression in your heart, out of all the songs colored with our personality and the performances we have done? The things that we have created up until to this point, do they manage to shake your heart?

It doesn't matter what it is, as long as they can stay in your heart, please, treasure it well.

[time:1:28] ... How odd. I rarely feel reluctant about something, but right now, I'm feeling reluctant. I feel a little bad that we're about to end this.

[time:1:46] If there is a Beginning, then there will be an End. That is the truth of this universe. It's something that has been decided. An unchangeable destiny.

However... it's funny. The others who are also staying at the wing of the stage must also feel the same way.

The heart-throbbing and exalted feeling that we felt as this banquet started, and perhaps also faint anxiety. Also, the impatience felt as we're getting ready for our turn. The sense of satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment... all of them are finally coming to an end.

And perhaps that's what makes us feel a little lonely.

[time:2:36] How about you in the audiences? Do you also feel reluctant that this moment is coming to an end?

crowd cheering

[time:2:46] I see. Wonderful.

Then I shall sing again, for you.

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translation by User:MoonlightSelenia.


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