Wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~
Song title
Drama (MC Corner)
Singer Producer(s)
Yuki Wakaba (Uchiyama Yumi) N/A
Album Release Date
wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~ August 12, 2016

wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~

Black Coffee no Yoru



crowd cheering

Thank you very much!

Hh~ that felt so good~!

Now that's we're done with the first song, before we continue with the second one, here comes a free talk corner!

It's also serves to give you a moment to rest, so it's fine to sit down if you feel tired. (sees some starting to sit down) Yes, it's really fine!

Hm, hm! Are we all set now? Well then, please let me tell you guys some stories, okay?

Since there's no particular theme to follow, I guess I'll talk about our songs and dances!

When talking about idols, you'll be talking about people who sings, dances, and looking sparklingly cute. At least that's the sort of image I have in my head. And it's true, we have singing and dancing practices everyday, and since it's been decided that we'll have this concert, we've been putting a lot more efforts in those lessons! Since we can't possibly appear in front of you guys and give a half-assed performances, right?

All members of Fluna keep practicing while giving out pointers and checking out each other's parts. By the way, up until now, I've been doing many kind of sports, so I have confidence in my reflexes and stamina. Even so, after we're done practicing, I still get exhausted. That's how much efforts we put into our practices.

Performing is fun, after all! First, we'll start by remembering the choreography, and we're trying hard to remember the movements that the lecturer taught us, but once we start remembering the steps and can dance it out properly, we can finally enjoy the dance as a whole. It feels nice whenever I manage to match my dance with the song's rhythm. chuckles I'm having "I'm truly here!" sorta feeling when I do.

Singing also feels fun. Seeing everyone waving their hands or lights while matching the tempo of my song makes me excited. Singing the melodies, getting all the more hyped up, and after finishing the climax of the song, I would have a smug look on me, so do please check it out!

... But I was just kidding there. Even if I do make that kind of face, please pretend as if you didn't see it.

crowd cheering

Well then. Let's move on to the next smug look... no, let's get into another fun singing time!

crowd cheering

Everyone, can I have you stand up again? Let's get on the rhythm with me!

Are you ready? crowd cheering Here I go!

Then, please enjoy.

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translation by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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