My Sweet Beloved
Song title
ED DORAMA (taijou)
ED Drama (Stage Exit)
Singer Producer(s)
Kisaragi Ai (MAKO) -
Album Release Date
My Sweet Beloved July 22, 2016

Pink Opal



*audience cheers*

We're done with the second song too. Thank you very much!

I feel really thankful for everyone who keep waving their pink glow sticks~!

*audience cheers*

Everyone~! I really love you all~!

*audience cheers*

*chuckles* Thank you! Thank you!

Right now, in this very hall, I feel that a lot of 'love' had been gathered. It really is a wonderful moment, isn't it?

I don't want it to end~ it would be nice if this performance can goes on forever... I just end up thinking that way.

But, I should let the next person taste this feeling too, soon.

Let me introduce her: the next one would be the hardworking girl in charge of March, Momosaki Hina. It's Hina-chan!

*audience cheers*

Hina-chan, everyone in the hall is cheering for you! Do your best!

I'll be resting for a moment. Let's meet again later! See you later~!

*audience cheers*


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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