Night Before Halloween
Song title
ED DORAMA (taijou)
ED Drama (Stage Exit)
Singer Producer(s)
Ichisaki Reina (Kurosawa Tomoyo) N/A
Album Release Date
Night Before Halloween September 16, 2016

 Noir Grimoire



crowd cheering

[time:0:04] Thank you very much~! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you~!

(contented sighs) I gave it my all! This sense of liberation and sense of accomplishment...!

Ah, but, but, this feeling of wanting to sing some more... lives really feels awesome!

crowd cheering

It's the greatest feeling!

crowd cheering

Are you still okay to go on~?

crowd cheering

(laughs) Everyone, that sure feels good! Thank you!

crowd cheering

Then, keep it up with that tension and get through till the last, okay?

The last one is, the partner of Reina-chan the Black Witch, the White Witch- ah, I think she is a real witch, so please take care of her... no, that wasn't it. It's the turn for the White Witch, Tendouin Tsubaki!

crowd cheering


[time:1:14] I'll withdraw for the time being. Let's meet again later!

Well then, see you! That was all from Reina-chan~!

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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