Song title
ED DORAMA (taijou)
ED Drama (Stage Exit)
Singer Producer(s)
Hijiri Kurisu (Kanemoto Hisako) -
Album Release Date
Prism☆Break July 08, 2016

Cospa-Warui Ko Kirai Desu ka?



*audience cheers*

Okay, okay, okay~! Thank you~!

Everyone, thanks to you, it felt so much fun!

I think there are people who wants to hear more of my interesting stories, but I hate things that dragged on for too long. Do things in decisively, thoroughly, and in a good pace! That's a trick that'll never fail you.

And as such... let's call for the next person right away!

Continuing after Kurisu-sama the Golden Goddess is... representing the month of January, Hanazono Yuki!

*audience cheers*

She's the leader of Fluna and also my rival! Now, everyone, please welcome her with a big applause!

*audience cheers*

Yuki, come out now~! Everyone, I'll see you later~

Gorgeously and brilliantly, please enjoy the Girls Live until the very end~!

*audience cheers*


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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