Yume Mori Uta
Song title
ED DORAMA (taijou)
ED Drama (Stage Exit)
Singer Producer(s)
Himekawa Mizuki (Ishigami Shizuka) -
Album Release Date
Yume Mori Uta August 26, 2016

Glorious Memories



crowd cheering

Thank you very much!

crowd cheering

To have this many audience listening to me singing, I -- no, Mizukicchi is so satisfied! I'm soooo happy!

crowd cheering

After this, the members that I've introduced earlier will make their entrance on this stage. This concert will still continue, and I hope that all of you can run through to the very end together with us!

crowd cheering

Well then, let's call for her! Matsuri~! Do your best~!

crowd cheering

That was all from Himekawa Mizuki -- from Mizukicchi!

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translation by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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