Stage (current) | Uniform
Yuki 2017-2018 stage
Hanazono Yuki
Seiyuu Imai Asami
Producer Machigerita
Stage Cast
Japanese 花園 雪
Romanized Hanazono Yuki
Nickname Queen
Age 20 years old (2018 Setting)
Gender Female
Birthday January 22nd
Height 169 cm
Blood Type A
Unit(s) Fluna-logo Fluna
Partner Kisaragi Ai
Official Fanclub Initium-mon initium
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Hanazono Yuki is the female representative for the month of January. She is a goddess candidate attending Diana Academy, and is a member of the unit Fluna. Her producer is Machigerita, and she is voiced by Imai Asami.


Yuki is a slim, tall young woman. She has thigh-length straight black hair, with shoulder-length locks framing her face, and dull, light purple eyes. Her beauty is compared to that of a "Yamato nadeshiko", a woman who possess the ideal traits of a Japanese woman as well as the epitome of feminine beauty.[1]


True to her being the quintessential Yamato nadeshiko, Yuki possesses a diligent, virtuous disposition, as well as a queen-like aura. Possessing both intelligence and beauty, she has been acknowledged at the candidate closest to becoming a goddess. She is also stern on herself and on others, as she does not like slacking off. However, these traits make her a capable leader and someone who is looked-up on and adored by many of the students.

She is, however, bothered by the fact that due to the high standards she has placed herself upon, she ends up being unapproachable by those her age.[2]


Yuki is a distant relative of Six Gravity's Mutsuki Hajime, which implies that she too comes from a Earthly family, particularly that of a noble class similar to the Mutsuki family.[3]

She returned home during New Year's holiday, and although it appears that her parents know about her school, it is unknown whether there are others who knew of Yuki's status as a goddess candidate. She stated that there are many who are older than her when she attends family gatherings, so there's a possibility that she might be one of the youngest members of the family.[4]


Kisaragi AiEdit

As a combi, Yuki and Ai seems to care about each other dearly.[5] In Yuki's opinion, Ai is the closest one to the image that she has about an ideal goddess.[6]

Mutsuki HajimeEdit

Hajime and Yuki are distant relatives. They shared the same black hair and refined air about them that, when they are together, makes ordinary people find it difficult to talk up to them.[7] They seems to see each other on the same level and has a friendly relationship, engaging in conversations whenever they meet on occasions like family gatherings. Yuki is also on good terms with Hajime's mother.[8] [9]


Solo CDsEdit

Rikka Nadeshiko
Machigerita × Hanazono Yuki
Machigerita × Hanazono Yuki

Unit CDsEdit

Various × Fluna
Yuuyu & Nijihara Peperon × Fluna


  • Her name reflects some of her traits:
    • Her surname, Hanazono (花園) literally translates to "flower garden". She shares this surname with the name of the 95th emperor of Japan, Emperor Hanazono, which may reflect how she might come from a noble lineage.
    • Her given name, Yuki (雪), means "snow", as it still snows in certain areas of Japan during January onwards.
  • Similarly, her official fanclub also reflects her position as a January representative:
    • Her (and Hajime's) official fanclub name, "initium", is Latin for "beginning", as January is the first month of a new year.
    • A common motif between the fanclub logo and the crest is the butterfly, which symbolizes transformation and metamorphoses in Japanese culture. Noble Japanese families also often choose the butterfly to represent their families.
  • She is right handed.[10]
  • Her hobby is ikebana and playing koto. She is especially good at writing calligraphy.[11]
  • Her favorite color is black and purple.[12]
  • If given chance to become somebody else for one whole day, she'd like to become the energetic Yuki Wakaba and try to run with all her might.[12]
  • Apparently she likes Hijiri Kurisu's Seiya mo Online! and would like to try singing it, but because it sounds so uncharacteristic of her, she decided against it.[12]
  • She had met the current goddesses directly. Her opinion of them is that they're 'very individualistic, but are also fun people', and she aims to become like them.[13]
  • She puts up her hair in a ponytail on hot summer days.[14]
  • The boys seemed to agree that she has the image of a giraffe.[15]