Me-lo-dy Acacia
Song title
Haru yo Koi
It's Spring, Come
Singer Producer(s)
Kisaragi Koi (Masuda Toshiki)
Kisaragi Ai (MAKO)
Nijihara Peperon
Album Release Date
February 01, 2013


Me-lo-dy (ED Mini-drama)


Acacia (ED Mini-drama)

Japanese, Romaji and English TranslationEdit

Japanese Romaji English
春よ来い 早く来い haru yo koi hayaku koi It’s spring, come. Hurry, come
あるきはじめた みいちゃんが aruki hajimeta mii-chan ga Everyone has started walking
赤い鼻緒の じょじょはいて akai hanao no jojo haite The red sandal strips gradually join in
おんもへ出たいと 待っている onmo e detai to matte iru waiting for the ones that want to get out

春よ来い 早く来い haru yo koi hayaku koi It’s spring, come. Hurry, come
おうちのまえの 桃の木の o uchi no mae no momo no ki no The buds of the peach tree in front of the house
つぼみもみんな ふくらんで tsubomi mo minna fukurande everyone is becoming inflated
はよ咲きたいと 待っている ha yo sakitai to matte iru waiting for them to bloom

External linksEdit

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