Japanese ホケキョくん
Romanized Hokkekyo-kun
Nickname No
Gender Male
Owner Yayoi Haru

Hokekyo-kun (ホケキョくん) is a Japanese bush warbler (Japanese nightingale) that belongs to Yayoi Haru.


He is a small bird with green feathers and a white stomach (in anime). He is small around half of Haru's index finger. He usually stays in Haru's room.


  • Japanese Bush Warbler is regarded as the harbinger of spring.
  • He is the symbol on the sides of Haru's glasses.
  • He appeared on Haru's poster in Tsukiuta. Art Book and in 「ツキウタ。春のファン祭り 2014 - Tsukiuta. Haru no Fan Matsuri 2014」 event's logo.
  • Hajime and Haru can understand what he says as he shows his deep knowledge about world. [1] [2]


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