Song title
Singer Producer(s)
Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei) Kikuo
Album Release Date
Icicle November 01, 2013

Icicle (OP Mini-drama)

Maou (-KIKUO MIX Ver.-)

Japanese, Romaji and English TranslationEdit

Japanese Romaji English
「心弱き儚き乙女よ ハダカの君を僕にぶつておくれ」 「kokoroyowaki hakanaki otome yo hadaka no kimi wo boku ni butsukete okure」 “You tenderhearted and fickle young lady, give up and throw the bare body of yours to me”

枯れゆく心に初雪散らすような 薄い化粧で嘘をつき kareyuku kokoro ni hatsuyuki chirasu you na usui kesou de uso wo tsuki Taking place in the frosted heart, it seems like the first snow that scatters, with light makeup, the lies follow
未練美しく飾るなら 燃やしてしまえばいい miren utsukushiku kazaru nara moyashite shimaeba ii If there is a lingering attachment to the lovely decorations, it’s alright if they burn

焼け付くような情熱に 初霜降りた心が溶ける yaketsuku you na jounetsu ni hatsu shimofurita kokoro ga tokeru A passion that seems like it’s burning, the first snowfall melts the heart
儚き冬の少女よ この胸に泥み静かに叫びたまえ hakanaki fuyu no shoujou yo kono mune ni nazumi shizuka ni sakebitamae Fleeting young lady of winter, please cling to my chest and silently cry

「11月の白夜が君の肌を照らし 季節を銀色に染める 「juuichigatsu no hakuya ga kimi no hada wo terashi kisetsu wo giniro ni someru “November’s white night, that compares to your skin, dyes the season in silver
凍える君をもう一度抱きしめたい 僕は君を愛してる」 kogoeru kimi wo mou ichido dakishimetai boku wa kimi wo aishiteru」 I want to hold the freezing you once more in my arms, I love you”

木枯らし吹くように恋心散らし 冬を待つように嫉妬さえ枯らし kogarashi fuku you ni koigokoro chirashi fuyu wo matsu you ni shitto sae karashi Like the cold winter wind that blows, the awakening of love scatters, in order to wait for winter, if only I could kill the jealousy
今 凍てつく想い この胸にぶつけてくれればいい ima itetsuku omoi kono mune ni butsukete kurereba ii Now, if only I could throw away the frozen thoughts that are in my chest

静かに叫べ少女よ 心の臓まで焦がれるほどに shizuka ni sakebe shoujou yo shin no zou made kogareru hodo ni Peacefully cry, young lady, in order for me to yearn for the internal parts of your heart
隙間だらけの嘘なら いっそ溶かせばいい sukima darake no uso nara isso tokaseba ii If the gap is full of lies, it’s preferable for it to melt

燃え尽きるほど愛せよ 命の底から叫んでおくれ moetsukiru hodo aise yo inochi no soko kara sakende okure Loving to the extent of burn out, please shout out from the bottom of your life
儚き冬の少女よ この胸に泥み さあ狂い咲きたまえ hakanaki fuyu no shoujou yo kono mune ni nazumi saa kuruizaki tamae Fleeting young lady of winter, please cling to my chest, come now, bloom before your time

「怖がらなくていい 心の臓まで 骨の髄まで 命丸ごと愛してあげる…」 「kowagaranakute ii shin no zou made hone no zui made inochi marugoto aishite ageru...」 “You don’t have to be afraid, until the internal parts of your heart, until the internal part of your bones, I can love everything about your existence...”


  • The title can be interpreted in two ways: the first, the word "icicle"; the second "愛し狂う", which loosely translates to "to go mad with love".[2]


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