Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 6
Song title
Mada mada Saki wa Nagai
We Still Have a Long Way to Go
Minaduki Rui (Aoi Shouta)
Fuduki Kai (Hatano Wataru)
Haduki You (Kakihara Tetsuya)
Nagatsuki Yoru (Kondo Takashi)
Kannaduki Iku (Ono Kensho)
Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei)
Album Release Date
Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 6 June 26, 2015


 Mokuteki no Nai Yasumi no Hi


[00:00] [Dai driving car]

Dai: *humming* Since I went out and took the by-passer road, seems like it was the right thing to do, I regained the feed. Hm. I arrived in time. Then. *stretches* The weather is good, good omen. Okay! Let’s work hard for another day!

[00:41] [Opens door]

Dai: Good morning everyone

Everone: Good morning.

Yoru: Good morning, Kurotsuki-san. I saw in the morning news that there was a trafic was it okay? We were about to talk about you going to be late today.

Dai: Good morning, Yoru, the road was crowded, I took the by-passer road. I was lucky.

You: Dai-chan came here by the morning after all.

Dai: Oh, You~ You’re a good man today.

You: Of course~ After all so are you in a good mood today, Dai-chan. Ahaha.

Iku: Kuro-nii, good morning. 

Rui: Good morning, Dai.

Dai: Oh! Good morning, Iku, Rui. Did you eat breakfast properly?

Iku: Ahaha! I ate it properly. I even had a refill.

Rui: I was normal, but I didn’t leave any.

Dai: That’s good, you’re still growing after all, make sure to eat and grow up. Then, Ah! Shiroda~

Shun: Ah~ Good morning, princess. That’s a nice morning greeting. You seem to be in a good mood today.

Kai: Ooh~ Good morning, Queen, it’s good that you’re in a good mood but be careful when clattering in rooms before going out. You’ll get kicked.

Dai: Yo~ Shun, Kai and Shiroda too, good morning.

Shun: Good morning, Dai, nice to work with you for another day. See~ Princess said Good morning too~

Dai: Haha, Shiroda is small and cute today too~.

Kai: Good morning, Kurotsuki-san. Thank you for meeting us in the morning.

Dai: Aah~ Kai…

Kai: Hm?

Dai: Come here for a while.

Dai: *whispers* Hey, Hey, exactly what happened? Shun woke up properly and properly doing activities. What’s going on?

Kai: *whispers* Aaah~ Ahaha, there’s a reason for it…

Shun: Oya, Oya, You there, are you rumoring about me?

Dai & Kai: Ugh!

Shun: Ehehehe~ Dai and Kai the two of you are being mean. I, Procella’s leader is always active like “SHU!”, like “HA!”, like “SHAN!”

Yoru: Like “Shu!”…

You: Like “Ha!”?

Rui: Shan!

Kai: I want to ask how those words are coming out from the mouth of someone I tried to force out of the bed 1 hour ago.

Dai: Aaaah… Shun, today so are do you look like you’re once, no five times, no ten times active like “SHU!!”, like “HA!!”, like “SHAN!!” Exactly what happened?

Shun: You sure did a good job asking me that, Dai! Today’s first work is a photoshoot with Gravi as travel company’s image character~

Kai: Ah.

Dai: Ah…

Shun: To add! As a design so will I and Hajime stand together on the body surface. It’s bad Dai, YOU NEED TO TELL ME SOMETHING LIKE THAT EARLIER! So I can look forward to it, but being told something like that makes nothing but I HAVE TO RAISE MY TENSION UP!!! SPEAKING ABOUT BLACK SO IS IT WHITE!!! SPEAKING ABOUT GRAVI SO IS IT PROCELLA!!! SPEAKING ABOUT HAJIME SO IS IT WITH THIS ME AFTER ALL!!! *SPARKLE*

Everyone: Oooh…

Shun: Aaaah~ The world is sparkling this much~ *sparkle sparkle* Work is a wonderful thing~

You: Hah… Put aside that speaking about stupidity so is he stupid, he has at least the will to work now. Nice Hajime-san~

Dai: I’m very thankful, I’m very thankful.

Yoru: By the way, lately so was he saying something about understanding it.

Kai: Ah~ when it comes to see things so is this effective.

Rui: *Yawn* Shun, Dai and everyone is cheerful. I’m jealous. I’m *yawn* sleepy in the mornings.

Iku: Wake up, Rui, wake up.


Dai: Okay, we arrived to the working field. Good Morning!

Everyone: Good morning.

Dai: Then, today’s first job is just like Shun said a travel company’s image character photoshoots there’s also interview about it. The photoshooting will be with different combinations. Please do your moves according to the staff here. Those who get’s done with the photoshooting will get interviewed

Kai: Roger

You: Okay~

Iku: Yes~

Yoru: *sigh* the photoshootings that I didn’t have for a while… I’ll do my best.

Rui: Yoru, are you still bad with photshootings?

Yoru: Eheheh, it’s a shame but I can’t say that I’m good with it… It’s not on a level that I want to run from it anymore but the feeling that I’m bad with it is still there so I get nervous, it might be bad.

Shun: Eh, really…? I think that the photoshoots that you’ve taken lately you look pretty neutral in them.

Yoru: Shun-san. Really…? I hope it is so.

You: It is so, it it so! You’ve certainly grown up. Yoru have some confident. I’ll say it now, when you first took photoshoots when you were told “look cool” so did you have a serious look and when you were told to smile so did you look uncomfortable and it was serious problems. Compared to now so does it feel like you’re taking pictures as an idol.

Yoru: R-rather than growing up so is it more that I sucked too much at it before… W-well calling it for growing up is still better though…

Iku: Ahaha, let’s put that aside, Yoru-san. Maybe it won’t help comforting you but you’re not the only one who were uncomfortable with it. For me too when I started for the first time and was about to take pictures so did I get some really weird comments like “You’re being too cool” or “You’re being nervous, right?” It was embarrassing comments.

You: Aaah~ I get it! Relative checking, do you know how many times I ended up getting comments by my brothers about my photoshoots like it is a report.

Kai: Ahahaha! By the way, when I took my first photoshoot so did my family sure laugh out loud. They said that I was so nervous that it didn’t look neutral.

Rui: That was sure interesting.

Kai: I’m actually getting damage from it so don’t pour salt on the wound… Rui-kun.

Iku: But the number of weird comments went down. I still get from my sister the comment “it suits you” or “It doesn’t suit you” getting comments is good sometimes. Sometimes so do I do researches for different poses and expressions. I’ve been aware of the things around me, that’s what I think.

Rui: Ooh~ Ikkun, so mature. I want to not only get done with the photoshooting but also look at the photos.

Yoru: That’s true. I should try to learn too.

Dai: Oh! It seems like you guys are talking about an interesting thing! If it’s about the photos in the past so do I, your manager have all your past photoshoots. Looking at them and see how you are now and see the changes is pretty fun.

Kai: Wah! I kind of want to see it but I kind of don’t want to see it…

Yoru: I certainly don’t want to see it!!!

Shun: Eeeeh~ I want to see them~ Dai, show me next time.

Rui: Shun, you’re someone who remembers something after watching it one time. It’s not okay, certainly.

Shun: Why not~? I’ll get to see how carefree and cute everyone is~ Huhuhu

You: Even though you say so so are you carefree too, Shun. If I’m right so were you doing pretty much whatever you want. Put that aside. Dai-chan grinning while watching our old photos, such a bad hobby.

Dai: Hey, hey making me sound like a bad person, I was having fun watching you grow up, above that so weren’t there a single embarrassing photos. Maybe you made some serious expression but I know that you did your best. Rui and Yoru, have some confidence. Then, come one go and make the make up. Make sure to show me today that you have grown up.

Shun: Leave that to us, Dai, right, everyone?

Everyone: Yes.


Interviewer: Okay, this was all the questions about the job.

You: Thank you so much~

Interviewer: Thank you so much, then please talk to me about yourselves a bit. Mmm… Then… You-kun who became a university student this spring, how is it with he university and working in the entertainment production?

You: It’s going smoothly so far. I and Yoru and Arata and Aoi from Gavi, the subjects are different but we’re all in the same university so we can exchange information pretty easily and it saves us a lot of time. Unlike high school the thing of having a work isn’t a big problem either.

Interviewer: I see…

You: Then, we, Procella are from Kansai prefectures so the schools we were in were in Kansai and had to travel from time to time. For I and Yoru so were we traveling from Nara to Tokyo. But now since we’re in a university in Tokyo so we don’t need to travel that much anymore. I think that it’s pretty big. It is pretty lonely that we have to leave the countryside but we’ve been able to save energy and time by attending to a university in Tokyo.

Interviewer: Moving around is a lot of work after all.

You: We went through bullet train after all, before accepting this work so was bullet train just like a plane for me, you ride it only for special reasons, I got used to it after riding a lot though, Haha.

Interviewer: What do you do during the traveling time?

You: All kind of things, I read the script, read a newspaper or a magazine, or sleep. If there’s someone with me so do I speak with him. When I’m alone so do I enjoy watching the view outside while listening to music. Going through buildings, then so comes a view of mountains, seeing the view change is interesting. Thinking “Ah it’s that building so we’re soon in Shizuouka” or “It is this mountain then it’s Nagoya for sure.”

Interviewer: That’s sure awesome.

You: Then, when I see the view of my hometown so do I think “Ah~ I’m home”. Even though I see the same mountains like Kantou’s mountain or Kansai’s mountai so do I think that the view and atmosphere is a bit different. It sure makes you relieved.


Interviewer: And That’s how You-kun talked to me about being a university student and the way he spends his time when traveling.

Rui: Heeh… Watching through the window… Just like me.

Interviewer: Eh! Really?

Rui: Yes, I like watching outside through the window too.

Interviewer: Aah… Rui-kun and You-kun has sure something in common which is pretty unexpected. Then, Rui-kun can you tell me about your case in that subject.

Rui: Eh! Ah… Okay, um, I liked to sit in my room and watch outside through the window ever since I was a child. I liked to watch things like where a road leads or the view itself, I found it pretty fun. If I had time so did I space out in front of the window too. Aaah… Umm… I still do it, even now.

Interviewer: Okay…

Rui: It’s a bit obvious but depending on the place so is the view totally different, it’s also different watching from the inside and outside. For example. If you watch it from the inside so is it really quiet but at the other side of the window is it a really cheerful outside, the forest may be beautiful too, there’s usually buildings too. For me so is that a mystery.

Interviewer: A mystery?

Rui: Yes… How should I explain it… The other  side of the window is my place. It’s a world a bit different than this one and it’s opening up… I have that feeling and it was a mysterious feeling.

Interviewer: Um… Is it like watching a movie or a video on a screen?

Rui: I think it’s a bit close… I think that mysterious feeling is interesting which makes me want to watch ouside the window. Before so did it feel a bit lonely too.

Interviewer: Lonely?

Rui: Yes, because I was always watching. When I was a child so was there a period where I lived overseas and I couldn’t learn the language and there weren’t children at my age. That’s why so did the world outside the window feel a bit lonely.

Interviewer: Overseas… I think that it’s a bit too hard for even me who is an adult.

Rui: Eheh… But, it has changed lately, there is that because I’m in Japan, but it’s because I’m working now so can I calmly go outside, because of that so could I see things that I couldn’t see through the window, so I was able to ask “what is that?” I think that’s an obvious thing for everyone though.

Interviewer: It sure became deep.

Rui: Yes, I agree. But I still think that being alone in an unknown place is a bit like an advanture. Around that time so was Ikkun… Um… Iku or Yoru or Kai, I invite the person with me. From now on so do I wan to go to different places with everyone and watch all kind of things with them.


Interviewer: Rui-kun seemed to be the type who is bad with coverage but he talked pretty much today so I got surprised.

Yoru: Ahaha, that’s right. Rui has became able to talk to the members more compared to before. If Rui did his best so do I think that I should do my best too.

Interviewer: Please do so. But Rui-kun and Yoru-kun get’s along pretty well.

Yoru: That’s true, of course so do everyone in Procella get along but when we are in the share room so do we two end up sitting next to each other. The tempo we speak in and the tempo we move in makes me thing that our paces are pretty much like each other. That’s why when we are together so doesn’t it feel that we’re being in the way for each other, it’s comfortable.

Interviewer: Tempo and pace? How are the other members tempo?

Yoru: Let’s see… Um…. Like I said before so is mine and Rui’s tempo a bit slow, we take our time. Then there’s You and Ikkun- no, I mean, Iku who’s tempo is bright and rhythmical, it feels like an up tempo. It’s cheerful.

Interviewer: Hahaha, I think I understand you. Then what about Shun-kun and Kai-kun?

Yoru: Shun-san and Kai-san have…. Hm….. It looks to be more slowly than us but there is times where it is slow… But… it’s pretty fast when moving…

Interviewer: Is it shifting?

Yoru: Yes! That’s is it! It’s shifting, it’s calm but when deciding so does it decide in an instant!

Interviewer: I see…

Yoru: Everyone in Procella has their own paces. That’s why so does it look to other people that it’s all going in totally different directions. But sometimes so to we all go in the same direction in a mysterious way. Being away or being stuck together, doing the things we like or just spacing out, that different but the same thing that we have makes it the unit Procella.


Kai: After the calm combo Yoru and Rui so is it me~ I hope we can take it a bit easy.

Interviewer: It’s okay. It’s now the arrival of the handsome Kai-kun. It seems like Yoru-kun and Rui-kun get’s along pretty much.

Kai: That’s right, Rui and Iku are partners and are like siblings.

Interviewer: Siblings? If all the members in Procella was siblings so do I think that Kai-kun would be the oldest son, certainly.  

Kai: I get told that a lot. Actually speaking about age so am I the oldest one too, so let’s go with Procella’s oldest son. The oldest son of the 6 siblings isn’t just for decoration.

Interviewer: Whenever it’s work or outside work so are Kai-kun always the reliable big brother for sure. And for the reliable Kai-kun so do I have a question for you. Is there someone you can relay on?

Kai: Oooh~ It comes in that way~

Interviewer: Yes. I thought I would flip the question.

Kai: Somone I can relay on, someone I can relay on… Hmm….

Interviewer: You can’t come up with someone?

Kai: Aaah~ It’s the opposite, it’s the opposite. There are so many people that I don’t know from who I should start.

Interviewer: Aaah! That’s sure an unexpected answer.

Kai: Is it unexpected? I relay on people pretty much so I thought it was obvious. If it’s about food so is it Yoru I relay on, if it’s about fashion so is it You I relay on. Things about work so do I end up asking Iku about it. Parts I’m having hard to understand or singing trainings so do I relay on Rui.

Interviewer: Aaah~ I see! So the person you depends on changes depending on the situation.

Kai: That’s right, that’s right. They’re all good in different things so they support each other using the thing they are good on. Sometimes so do we get help from the other unit, Gravi who are under us. There’s the managers Kurostsuki-san and Tsukishiro-san too.

Interviewer: *flips pages* Oh? It feels like there’s someone who hasn’t been mentioned yet…

Kai: Ah…. Shun, right? Heh, for me so is Shun a bit special. You see, he’s a my paced guy, so Instead of relaying so do I let him do what he want in return so do I get him to do some useful things for me.

Interviewer: Heeeh…. That’s Intresting.

Kai: It’s not like he usually don’t do anything! It’s just that Shun is a different case, rather than making him do things so do he watch the members and give them advice.

Interviewer: I think I understand.

Kai: But I think that means “Leave your back and watch around you” I watch forward while Shun watches my back. It makes everything easier for me. If I need something so can I ask him for it. I think he makes his moves depending on that. Because Shun is there so can I make my job as the big brother.


Iku: Kai-san’s reliable person? I’m honored for having my name mentioned.

Interviewer: He said it’s becuase you have a grip on yourself which makes you reliable.

Iku: Ahaha, I’m getting even happier, I wanted to go to school, do club activities and have this work but couldn’t choose so I took all of them at the same time, that kind of person am I, being told that I’m not doing anything half-hearted made me relieved.

Interviewer: Iku-kun, you’re a third year in high school this year, how long do you do club activities?

Iku: Until this summer’s tournament, well that’s if we reach the nationals, otherwise so will I retire before summer. There’s only a little bit left. That’s why we’ve been talking with everyone about reaching the nationals.

Interviewer: Track club, right? I heared that it’s pretty hard to reach the nationals there, awsome.

Iku: I’m not awesome but I like running so I’m doing what I like, it’s just that I’ve started to see the word retirement and I’m thankful for the others in the club. We’re pretty many in the club so it’s not like everyone can take a part of it. I’ve been a substitute for 3 years now, I even got some support from my manager for time to time. I told you before I tried to not make anything half-hearted but actually so have I been only in about half of the practices, I couldn’t show up in practices, couldn’t be there when cleaning the things the club used and even had to change places with some members of the club sometimes. I think that I couldn’t reach this far without my firends so I think that even if I would be choosen for the tournament so do I think that I wouldn’t have been able to be chosen without the help of my firends. Thre are people who find this frustrating, there are people who can’t take a part of this even in teh very end.

Interviewer: Hmmm….

Iku: I have the feeling that I still have something I need to do so I’ve accepted those feelings and I think that I should do my best for the people who cheers for me. It’s the same thing with work, there are poeple who cheers on me, I accept those feelings and does my best at work thinking that I need to pay them back in that way.

Interviewer: Haa~ I think I understand now what they mean when they say that Iku-kun has a grip on himself. That’s cool.

Iku: Ahaha! But I’m still far from it, that was only words, it’s because it’s frustrating that I’m doing my best. There isn’t much I can do but I want to be able to be proud of myself, always.


Shun: Heee~ Kai said something like that about me, and Iku too. They are sure reliable.

Interviewer: Procella is sure balanced, leader.

Shun: Mhahaha haha~ I never needed to get worried about them, becuase I always believe in them.

Interviewer: Iku-kun talked about his feelings about retirement. Shun-kun, this year so did you become an adult, right? What did you think about being an adult before?

Shun: Adult… someone who became one with his body and soul… In Japan so is it people who are 20 years old or older.

Interviewer: Ha… Haa…

Shun: I bet you know what I mean with the words alone but that’s only an  appropriate repair… But that’s only becoming a part of them… Just kidding. You just end up thinking about it suddenly. personally so do I think that making a resposible move, for me so do I want to have half the share, well it’s hard though.

Interviewer: Half the share?

Shun: Yes, as you see so am I a lonely person. Because I have half of the share so can’t I abandon don’t. I don’t want to watch peope from far. I want to get closer to them while watching them.

Interviewer: This is sure a Shun-kun-like opinion, from you who likes to be close to people.

Shun: I think that it’s a good thing, I get to see all kind of sides that I have and that’s intresting. Getting effect from other peoples movement or I moving someones heart with my words, there’s a lot of things I can’t do alsone but can do it with other people. I can’t see things I want to see alone, I can’t go to places I want to go to alone. That’s why I think that is a wonderful thing. As an adult so do I need to take responsibility for everything I do I want to be a human who lacks something. Being able to ask for forgiveness as an adult is my wish.

[29:11] [Car’s door closes]

[Car starts working]

Dai: Then, we’re moving to the next working field. Next is the recording for TsukiRadi. Going with car usuing the usual way, that will take 30 minutes to reach so take your time resting.

Iku: Yes~

Rui: Dai, I got some canned coffee fro the last job, do you want?

Dai: Oooh! Thank you! I’ll thankfully accept it.

Rui: *opens the can* Here.

Dai: By the way Rui, how was it, the interview? It was your first interview in a while right?

Rui: Mmm… I got to know some unexpected things about You that we two have in common, it was a bit unexpected.

You: Eh? I?

Rui: Yeah. It’s unexpected points that I found. We’re buddies now, You.

You: O-Oh… Did I say something tricky?

Yoru: Hey, hey, be honestly happy now.

Kai: I heard from Haru that the the second part of the interview “about ourselves” the interviewer asked the person after the one who interviewed about the latest person he interviewed.

Shun: Heeeh~ that’s intresting. Before me so was it Iku and he told me that Iku was reliable.

Iku: Ah… It’s a bit embarrassing when being told that. Before me so was it Kai-san, he told me that Kai-san was someone people could relay on and he was given out a lot of names.

You: Hee~ Did you mention my name, Kai?

Kai: Of course! I told that I could relay on you when it comes to fashion I told that everyone took care of me. I’m thankful. Then, Umm… Before me so was it Yoru, right?

Yoru: Ah, yes. He told me how hardworking Rui was, we talked about  the way I see procella and my thought of it.

Shun: Procella from Yoru’s perspective. Hee~ I want to hear it~

Yoru: It’s embarrassing if I tell you like this so read the interview by yourself later!

Shun: Hee~ Meanie.

Iku: Hey, Yoru-san, this is pretty embarrassing, right?

Yoru: Hm. Indeed.

Rui: Before me so was it You, and it was You who started this relay, right?

You: Really~? Was it really me they started from? That’s why they didn’t talk about someone? Aaaah~ So boring~

Kai: Don’t get depressed, You. Think that as something intresting to read later.

You: Heeeeee~

Dai: Hahaha, having an interview with everyone like that means that all of you are important, before so was it a picture of the 6 of you together with a small comment, right? Now so does everyone has a page and a bit more. I’m thankful~

You: Eh! Dai-chan, isn’t it a bit early to be thankful? Let’s go with big dreams like being in even more famous magazines.

Yoru: Your dream is sure big.

Rui: No, no, no, it’s so small that it’s sweet. If we’re talking about big dreams so do we need a bigger dream than that.

You: Eh!

Iku: Bigger than that? Is there something bigger than being in a famous magazine? Are you talking about being in Gaitou Jack or Ekibari Koutoku, Rui?

Rui: No. Being in the top 10 000.

Kai: No no no no no!!!! Rui-kun! That’s not even for us! It’s not for normal people in the entertainment production!! That’s not only hard for us to reach just being mentioned in it is hard!

Shun: Even at times like this so is Kai the only one who’s worried. Yay!

Kai: I’m not happy at all! I’m totally not happy!

Iku: R-right~… It’s a really dangerous joke it would be a big news. It’s just like finding a new unknown creature or being able to fly or being able to use Magic or, or… Otherwise….. Eh?

Yoru: Eh?

Rui: There is someone. In the dorms, an unknown creature.

Kai: He can fly too and use magic. Probably.

Shun: Ufufufu~ Did everyone call for me? Are you talking about me hiding Diablo-kun from the world through hiding him in a box. If we release him out of the box and let him show him true self so will the earth go like “bang”. There’s that persons lovely pet. Ah! How about I call his brothe-

You: S-t-o-p i-t. It feels like something really bad will happen if you do it so stop it!

Dai: I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything at all.


Iku: Then~ let’s announce the result!

Rui: The result of today’s mini game is as you see, the top is Yoru, the one who lost is Kai. Congrats Yoru. Applauses~! Waaai *applause*

Everyone: Waaaaai *applause*

Yoru: Ehehehe. Thank you.

Kai: Uh… I’m the one who lost again… I lost 5 times in row. Feeling that I’m losing everytime is depressing.

You: Congrats Yoru~! Don’t worry Kai~

Iku: This corner where the procella members battles agaist each other and the members are getting more serious. It makes me look forward for the next time.

Shun: This game is sure intresting. A boeard game that is based on life. The setting of this game is sure reality based. How much you go is based on a roulette is making it even more reality like.

You: Even though it’s a game so are you saying some really deep things right now.

Yoru: I noticed that Shun-san chooses the choises that are more dangerous I think that it’s awesome for you to end up in second place.

Kai: The personality sure shows up there. For Yoru so did you go with safe choises and ended up being in the first place. For me so did I did I make my moves depending on safe moves but before I noticed it so did I have no money and no food.

You: Hey, cheer up, Kai. You had a big family, 4 children.

Kai: I had no money but smiles are important! *sprakle*

Iku: The setting is deep.

Rui: For Shun so did your wife decide to divorce, you had no children and had a lot of money. Hmm… It’s a surprise.

You: It’s sure a surprise.

Shun: It was sure an unexpected results. I’m not the type who cheats on other people and treats everything importantly, though, why didn’t it go well? I want to be told the reasons of why she divorced with me and change the bad parts of myself in an instant. Do you want love from other people than me?

You: Think of it in your own way. It’s because this is only a game.

Iku: Ahaha. I’m sorry for having you getting excited over the results. We’ll end it here now. Just like before we started the games so will Kai-san who lost so will we have Kai-san to work on the TsukiRadi for next time. Then, we leave it to you.

Kai: Oh! I’ll do my best.

Rui: What kind of things will have Kai to do is still a secret. That’s how it is.

Kai: Uwaah… That’s scary.

Yoru: Kai-san, I’ll help too.

You: Hey, Hey, Yoru, you’re on the first place so don’t step on the rules. The meaning of the game will disappear.

Yoru: Eh? Ahaha! I see!

You: Geez, you sure feel bad for everone.

Rui: Mmm….

Iku: Hm? Rui, is there something?

Rui: Mm… Yeah. If this board is showing a persons life, then I thought that we would be around here.

Iku: Hmm… We’re a bit before entering the university so aren’t we around here then? Anyway so are we around ¼. The road in fron of us is sure long~

Rui: Yes. Long. It’s so long that it’s surprising.

Yoru: Before entering the university so didn’t I know that life was like this.

You: Yeah, if it weren’t like it was now so wouldn’t I have entered the university I wouldn’t have come to Tokyo too. I think I would have countinued to live in the hometown. Thinking like that so did my whole life change the moment I made my debut. At least so wasn’t this the future that I imagined myself when I was a kid.

Kai: Me too. My dreams when I was small was to become something like a police or detective. I didn’t think that I would do a job that would make me end up being in the TV. In the game so would this be one of the risky choises but at least so is this more intresting than my life before this.

Yoru: Even though you just lost.

Kai: Uwah! I got told by the top! Haha.

Shun: Ahaha! If we move these pawns on this car so are we all moving together.

Iku: Yeah, that’s right. Then beside us so do we have Gravi’s car.

Rui: We’re all running forward together. In the board so does it looks like we aren’t moving that much though. A lot of things have happened.

Yoru: Yeah, it seems like a lot more will happen in the future too.

You: Yeah, that’s true.

Iku: Hm… I wonder what is there?

Kai: Hmm… Isn’t it all kind of things? I bet there will be a lot of fun things.

Yoru: Of course. There’s a lot of things I want to do too.

You: Oh! we’ve heard an unusual deciding thing about his future.

Yoru: Of course even I have dreams and future. I have ambition too.

Iku: Yoru-san’s ambition! I wonder what it it.

Yoru: Ahahaha, it’s still a secret.

Rui: Yes! If it’s ambitions so do I have one too.

You: Rui’s ambition, it’s sure scary!

Rui: Ufufufu. Look forward too it.

Shun: Yes yes! Of course so do I have amitions too! Actually I~ you know~

Kai: About yours so do I want you to seal it forever and never release it.

You: Right~

Iku: Sure.

Shun: Everyone is cold.

Yoru: Aha ahahaha…

Shun: Well, being able to talk with everyone about the future is a wonderful thing. Then~ What will happen next? PLease look forward to it, everyone~ Don’t worry, I bet a very funny future are waiting for us~

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