Japanese マゼラン
Romanized Mazeran
Nickname Mage
Gender Male
Owner Haduki You
Magellan (マゼラン) is a Magellanic penguin that picked up by Haduki You.


Magellan looks like any regular Magellanic penguin, but he has dots on his stomach that looks like Leo sign. [1]



When You went on a stroll, he saw Magellan walked alone by himself as they encountered at a conner of the street. [2]


Haduki YouEdit

As the person who picked Magellan up, he is in charge of taking care of the penguin. You was the one who gave the name "Magellan" [3] and picked a bow tie as a collar together with this penguin. [4]


  • Kai and Hajime at first prefered him as the penguin on the Suica card (a rechargeable smart card that usually used for transportation in Japan) but You said the penguin on the card is an Adelie penguin, not a Magellanic. [5][6]
  • He bowed and gave Hajime a Suica card when they first met. [7]
  • Shun accidently slipped his mouth that Magellan was brought from the underworld by him. That explains the reason why he can stand the heat in during August.
    • You stated that Magellan loves hot springs, and thus love taking a bath together with him.[8]


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