News from the official websites of the Tsukiuta. series, and Tsukino Talent Production.

Tsukino Talent ProductionEdit

February 14, 2016Edit

  • The girls will be releasing a second batch of CDs! Our goddess candidates from Fluna and Seleas will be getting new individual CDs. The CDs contain two new songs and three drama tracks. Their release dates will span the entire year, specific dates to be announced.
  • “Tsukiuta. Girls Day 2016″ will be held on June 5th! Announced cast members include Imai Asami (voice of Hanazono Yuki), MAKO (voice of Kisaragi Ai), Inoue Shizuka (voice of Himekawa Mizuki), Ootsubo Yuka (voice of Motomiya Matsuri), and Fukuhara Kaori (voice of Asagiri Akane), but this is still subject to change. More information about the event will be released in the near future.
  • "Tsukiuta.″-only specialist shops will be open for a limited time starting April! “Tsukiuta.”-only goods will be sold in these shops. Specific dates and places have yet to be announced.
  • Collaboration and the March “ver” Tsukino Party at “CoRaBoNo” cafe, which is at Sunshine Sakae, Nagoya. The collaboration will run from March 23 to May 8. More information to be released in the near future. Also, March “ver” Tsukino Party will also be held at two locations, one in Tokyo (March 20th), and one in CoRaBoNo itself (March 27th). More information on the Tsukino Party will be released on the 15th of February.
  • “Tsukiuta. White Day in Animate produced by Yayoi Haru”, will be a White Day Project at all Animate stores in Japan on the 14th of March. The project includes free March Tsukiusa. Printed Marshmallows and Yayoi Haru Business Card Set.
  • SUPER COMIC CITY®25 Exhibit will be held on May 3 and 4. More information to released in the near future.

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