Song title
OP Drama (Stage Entrance)
Singer Producer(s)
Hanazono Yuki (Imai Asami) -
Album Release Date
Harari July 15, 2016




*audience cheers*

Everyone, good afternoon!

*chuckles* Thank you for coming to TsukiPro Girls Live today.

*audience cheers*

I'm Hanazono Yuki from Fluna.

*audience cheers*

*chuckles* Thank you for the cheers. To be able to stand on this stage today and seeing everyone's face here makes me so glad!

Thanks to Kurisu's brilliant start, the hall's enthusiasm feels great! To be able to raise the tension to this extent from the very beginning, as expected from Kurisu, isn't it?

On TsukiRadi's live broadcast, she's rampaging- ah, no, she's energetic and capable of involve and get everyone to move with her, using her power - passion, which I think I should try to live up to her examples!

*audience cheers*

Oh- dear me. Everyone laughed at me for speaking so rigidly again while they watched from the sides.

*chuckles* Yosh! I've changed my attitude! There won't be any formalities today!

In this time, on this stage, on this moment-- I'd like to enjoy it with my all!

*audience cheers*

Then, let's begin right away. We'll start from this song; please hear it out!

*audience cheers*


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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