My Sweet Beloved
Song title
OP Drama (Stage Entrance)
Singer Producer(s)
Kisaragi Ai (MAKO) -
Album Release Date
My Sweet Beloved July 22, 2016


My Sweet Beloved


*audience cheers*

Good afternoon! I'm Kisaragi Ai from Fluna!

*audience cheers*

Whoa~ the hall is packed. There are many fans coming today.

Once again, please take care of me. I'm Kisaragi Ai from Fluna.

*audience cheers*

Continuing from Kurisu-chan and Yuki-chan, the third person from Fluna would be me.

I've been watching from the backstage all the performances up until now while half feeling 'Whoa~ amazing~! I'd like to hurry and sing too!' and the other half feeling 'W-what should I do? I'm starting to feel nervous~'.

But, but~! Because I've now stand on the stage, I just need to pour my all and do my best to my singing and dancing, right?

*audience cheers*

That being said, I'd like to get right to the first song!

Everyone, please cheer for me!

*audience cheers*


  1. Translated by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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