Night Before Halloween
Song title
OP Drama (Stage Entrance)
Singer Producer(s)
Ichisaki Reina (Kurosawa Tomoyo) N/A
Album Release Date
Night Before Halloween September 16, 2016


Night Before Halloween


crowd cheering


wind noise and eerie music

[time:0:12] Fufufufu... ahahahahahaha! You've done well for gathering up here, my loyal fighters. This is the paradise for the chosen ones. The place where the beautiful, lovely, super pretty, strongest and greatest witches gather. And I...

appearance effect

[time:0:47] ... am Reina-chan!

crowd cheering

[time:0:53] Yahoo! Rally-ho! Are you all doing fine? From Seleas and in charge of October, everyone's i-d-o-l, Ichisaki Reina! Well, well, everyone, I've been wanting to see you all!

crowd cheering

[time:1:11] Well then, well then! Today is the long awaited TsukiPro Girls Live! Have you readied your penlight and towel, and remembered perfectly the choreograph? ... Is what I wanted to ask, but it's okay even if you don't remember the moves! As long as you get in the flow of the music and enjoy it, then it's fine!

[time:1:31] That's said, let's start the first song right away! Music, start!

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translation by User:MoonlightSelenia.


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