Wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~
Song title
OP Drama (Stage Entrance)
Singer Producer(s)
Yuki Wakaba (Uchiyama Yumi) -
Album Release Date
Wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~ August 12, 2016


Wonderful world~Gogatsubyou wo Buttobase!~


crowd cheering

Good afternoon! Thank you for coming to Tsukipro's Girls Live today! Fluna's member in charge of May, Yuki Wakaba!

crowd cheering

(laughs) Thank you for the cheers! Hm, hm! Seems that all of you are having a blast!

I'm the last to perform from Fluna! The first half of twelve performers is down, but seems like everyone here isn't tired yet, huh? That's a relief!

crowd cheering

Six members of Fluna, and six members of Seleas. Combining both units, there are twelve performers, so even if each person only sings two songs, it still takes a lot of time, huh~ I thought it would be hard for you guys to keep standing and waving lights at us, but from the looks of it, I guess you can last until the end!

Everyone, you can still keep up, right~?

crowd cheering

Yosh! Nice response! But, I won't lose either!

Anyway, Yuki Wakaba will begin with the first song now! Please enjoy.

crowd cheering[1]


  1. Translation by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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