Japanese 笹熊1号
Romanized Sasakuma Ichi-gou
Nickname Sasa
Gender Male
Owner Kannaduki Iku

Sasakuma Ichigou (笹熊1号), commonly called as simply Sasa (sometimes with '-kun' suffix), is a panda that belongs to Kannaduki Iku.


Sasa looks just like any other panda, having a round body with black fur on its ears, eye patches, legs, arms and shoulders. The rest of its coat is white.[1]


First appeared in the promotional poster for AGF 2016, Sasa is then given to Iku as a prize for being able to respond accordingly to Shun's whimsical command.[2]


Kannaduki IkuEdit

Although at first he was reluctant, Iku immediately grew attached to Sasa after accepting him as a pet. Apparently his heart was won thanks to Sasa's round and cute black eyes.[2]


  • Shun apparently summoned him from the Underworld, thus making him a fellow Underworld creature to Diablo and Magellan.[2]
  • Jiku, the illustrator of Tsukiuta., was the one who gave him his name. The reason behind the naming was "because the name of the layer where he was drawn was Ichigou (1号)".[2]
  • The extent of his capabilities haven't been shown yet, but he had been made to compete against Diablo in a sumo contest, with the result of the contest not revealed.[3]


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