Japanese 白田
Romanized Shiroda
Nickname Princess
Young Lady
Gender Female
Owner Tsukino Mikoto

Shiroda (白田) is a white rabbit that belongs to the director of Tsukino Talent Production, Tsukino Mikoto. She lives in the Tsukino Dormitory's 3rd floor together with Procellarum's members.


She is a small lop-eared white rabbit with a red ribbon as her collar. She has big black eyes with a little nose. Her size is about the size of an adult man's palm.


Not much is known about Shiroda prior to meeting Shun, except for the fact that she, together with Kuroda, belong to Tsukino Talent Production's director, Tsukino Mikoto.



She met Shun on his way back from school. Since then she has been attached to Shun.[1][2][3] She usually stays in Shun's room and she likes to sit on his shoulder.[4]


Shimotsuki ShunEdit

She is greatly attached to Shun, who called her "Princess" (お姫様), and has a tendency to sit on his shoulder. She always sides with Shun when the rest of the members Procellarum tease him, and readily nuzzles into Shun's hand to comfort him.[5]


  • Sometimes she can also be found in Hajime's room.[6]
  • She usually has Kuroda to escort her.


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