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The Rabbit Tower (つみウサ, Tsumiusa) mini-game is one of the five mini-games in Tsukino Park. The mini-game can be accessed by tapping on the green rabbit with a yellow and blue rabbit on top of it, which is found on the middle-left area of the screen.

Game ObjectiveEdit

Rabbit Tower is a game wherein the player has to stack the rabbits that fall from the top of the screen vertically, making sure not to miss a single rabbit or to throw the tower off-balance and cause it to collapse. The player's points correspond to the height of the tower itself.

On the left side of the play area, a Balance Meter is present to help the player monitor whether the tower is close to collapsing/being thrown off-balance.

During the duration of the game, either an angel or a devil will appear on the screen, dropping items that may or may not help the player achieve the mission objectives.

The mission will end if the player either drops a rabbit that causes the tower to collapse by throwing it off-balance, if the player drops a rabbit without being able to stack it (there are certain missions that allow a certain number of dropped rabbits), or if the player fails to drop three rabbits.

Increasing the player's level in-game will result in the ability to activate character skills faster.

Activating FEVER TimeEdit

Collecting all the letters for FEVER activates Rabbit Tower's FEVER Time, which will cause a line of silver and gold rabbits to drop from the top of the screen during the given FEVER Time.

Dropped ItemsEdit

Tsumiusa Angel iconTsumiusa Demon icon

In addition to the character skills, there are also items dropped by the Angel (left) and the Devil (right) that can affect the game.

The Angel can drop any of the following items, but is known to drop only specific items in certain missions:

  • FEVER letters
  • an item that extends the line guide to its original length
  • an item that returns the drop platform to its original state
  • an item that increases points

The Devil can drop items that fall into two categories: those that affect rabbits, and those that affects the platform. Like the Angel, it is known to drop only specific items in certain missions:

  • items that affect the rabbits:
    • items that increase/decrease the rabbit's width or height - these items can make the rabbits that will be dropped next to either increase in height (no known drop items can decrease the height of the rabbit), or cause the rabbit to grow fatter or thinner.
  • items that affect the platform:
    • an item that freezes the platform - some rabbits will slip on the ice, which causes the player to be unable to drop the rabbit
    • an item that turns the platform into an uneven surface - some rabbits will have difficulty getting over the uneven surface, causing them to slow down slightly as they cross the platform


The difficulty of the missions are indicated using exclamation points. The more exclamation points there are, the more difficult the mission is to accomplish, as well as the more credit is needed to be able to play the mission. However, the difficulty level does not always correspond to a specific amount of credits, as some missions have the same difficulty level but different credit requirements.

The following is a list of the current missions that can be cleared within the mini-game:

Mission Objective Difficulty Credit Requirement
Stack a total of 15 rabbits. !! 10
Earn a total of 5000 points. !! 10
Stack a total of 15 silver rabbits during FEVER Time. !! 10
Reach a height of 10000 (points), until you see the kites. !! 15
Reach a height of 20000 (points), until you see the helicopters. !!! 20
Stack a total of 25 golden rabbits during FEVER Time. !!! 20
Collect a total of 15 items dropped by the devil. !!! 20
Reach a height of 40000 (points), until you see castle in the sky. !!!! 20
Reach a height of 30000 (points).
The game will start with the platform having an uneven surface!
!!!! 25
Stack a total of 40 rabbits at their maximum fatness/width. !!!!! 30
Reach a height of 35000 (points).
The game will start with the platform having a frozen surface!
!!!!! 30
Collect a total of 10 items dropped by the devil before reaching the auroras. !!!!! 30

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