Tsukishiro Kanade
Tsukishiro Kanade
Seiyuu Yamanaka Masahiro
Stage Cast
Japanese 月城奏
Romanized Tsukishiro Kanade
Age 31 years old (2016 setting)
Gender Male
Birthday December 4th
Height 175 cm
Blood Type A
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Tsukishiro Kanade works under Tsukino Talent Production as idol unit Six Gravity's manager. He is voiced by Yamanaka Masahiro.


Kanade has light greyish-brown hair and brown eyes. He also wears thin-rimmed glasses.


Kanade is a quiet, amiable person, who always has a smile on his face. He handles his job as Six Gravity's manager quite well, despite them being the first unit, and set of idols, he has ever managed. He is also very generous, encouraging the members of Six Gravity to voice out their whims or if they want anything.


Before becoming Six Gravity's manager, Kanade had been a university lecturer. His older sister chose to retire after getting married, so he had been forced into inheriting her position.[1]


Kurotsuki DaiEdit

Kanade and Dai get along very well, despite managing sibling/rival units. They often boast about their respective unit members' achievements to each other in a friendly manner. The two also go out to drink whenever there is time or reason to celebrate.[2]

Six GravityEdit

Thanks to Hajime's careful guidance and leadership, the members of Six Gravity do not cause much problems for Kanade, making his job as their manager rather easy. However, Kanade also wants Gravi's members to voice out their whims and become more as self-indulging as a performer can become, even for just a bit.[3][4]


Tsukiusa. Taisou
Tsukino Mikoto × Managers
Welcome to the Wonderland
Tsukino Mikoto & Yuuyu × Managers


  • His surname, Tsukishiro (月城), has the meaning of "moon castle", but the reading can also be written as 月白, which would means "white moon", contrasting his fellow manager Dai's surname, Kurotsuki (黒月).
  • Kanade may come from the verb kanaderu (奏でる), meaning "to play an instrument", "to dance".


  • Kanade and Dai are well acquainted with Takamura Shiki, the leader and producer of SolidS, one of the succeeding units under Tsukino Talent Productions.[5]
  • His older sister had been the manager for the now-disbanded idol unit Takamura Shiki had been part of. It is unknown whether his sister had retired at the some time after said unit had disbanded, or if she had continued on to manage any other unit under TSUKIPRO prior to her marriage and retirement.


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