Tsukiuta. Drama! Sono 2
Released September 06, 2013
Producer N/A
Character Six Gravity
Seiyuu Kaji Yuki
Toriumi Kousuke
Masuda Toshiki
Maeno Tomoaki
Hosoya Yoshimasa
Track list
1. あるアイドルユニットの一日編
Aru Idol Unit no Ichinichi-hen / A Day for a Certain Idol Unit Part
2. ライバル登場!?編
Rival Toujou!?-hen / Rival Debut!? Part
ツキウタ。ラジオ ~グラビメンバー徹底解析コーナー編~
Tsukiuta. Radio ~Gravi Member Tettei Kaiseki Corner-hen~ / Tsukiuta. Radio ~A Thorough Analysis of Gravi's Members Corner~

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