Track list
1. 集合ドラマ「非日常な日常」
Shuugou dorama "Hinichijou na nichijou" / Drama collection "An extraordinary everyday"
2. 始&春「たまにはムキになろう」
Hajime & Haru "Tama ni wa MUKI ni narou" / Hajime & Haru "Let's get all worked up once in awhile"
3. 新&葵「春はカピバラ」
Arata & Aoi "Haru wa Kapibara" / Arata & Aoi "Spring is identical to capybara"
4. 駆&恋「いつかはライオン!」
Kakeru & Koi "Itsuka wa RAION" / Kakeru & Koi "Becoming a lion someday!"

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