Episode Number 02
Original Airdate July 13, 2016
Character In-Charge Kannaduki Iku
Japanese 鏡細工のココロ
Romanized Kagamizaiku no Kokoro
English Glasswork Heart
Story Harada Sayaka
Storyboard Kawasaki Itsuro
Direction Seo Hye-Jin
Animation Director Usuda Mio
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"Since I've already announced it, I'll be successful in both my idol career and my track-and-field career!"

Kannaduki Iku, while being an member of the unit Procellarum, is also a member of his high school's track-and-field club. That same Iku has been selected as the representative athlete for the track-and-field meet he has always aimed to participate in.

Iku, who works hard to balance both his idol career and his track-and-field career. The same Iku who all the members of Procellarum, including their leader Shimotsuki Shun, watch over warmly and cheer on. But it looks like balancing both his training for the meet and his busy idol work is proving to be quite difficult for him......[1]


  • Yamada Yuki as the voice over for the television show
  • Shiraki Nao as the female announcer
  • Azakami Youhei as the male announcer[2]


Ending ThemeEdit

 initium~Shikoku Hyourin~
  vocal: Mutsuki Hajime (Toriumi Kousuke)
  words, music: Machigerita
  co-producer: Yusaku Murata (TOKYO LOGIC Ltd.)[2]

Insert SongEdit

 LOLV -Lots of Love-
  vocal: Procellarum
  words, music: Tsukino Mikoto
  arrange: KAN TAKAHIKO & zakbee[2]
  work assistance: Koyama Goushi (Victor Music Arts)


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