Episode Number 03
Original Airdate July 20, 2016
Character In-Charge Yayoi Haru
Japanese 想いを遥かに
Romanized Omoi wo Haruka ni
English Going Far Beyond
Story Kawasaki Itsuro
Storyboard Kawasaki Itsuro
Direction Kawanishi Taiji
Animation Director Kim Yoon Jung
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"But I like doing this kind of prep work. So I wanted to do it. I'm working on other things as well, but... I'll keep those a secret for a bit longer."

Six Gravity, as part of the promotion for their new single, have become store clerks at the "Animate Store Ikebukuro Main Branch" for a day. Rather than Six Gravity's leader Mutsuki Hajime being today's manager, fellow Senior Group-member Yayoi Haru has been assigned. Haru, who been quite engrossed in his laptop, preparing for this day, has come up with a idea specifically for their project......

Will they be able to pull the event without any problems......? It's finally Gravi's turn to be in Animate![1]


  • Kaneko Daigo as the Animate manager
  • Yuuki Asuka, Hirai Masayuki as Animate clerks
  • Shinoda Yuki as the old lady
  • Aoyagi Misato as the customer
  • Okui Yuuko as the little girl[2]


Opening ThemeEdit

  vocal: Six Gravity
  words, music: Tsukino Mikoto
  arrange: zakbee & KAN TAKAHIKO
  work assistance: Koyama Goushi (Victor Music Arts)[3]

Ending ThemeEdit

 amor~Afuredasu Omoi kara~
  vocal: Kisaragi Koi (Masuda Toshiki)
  words, music: Nijihara Peperon[2]

Insert ThemeEdit


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