Episode Number 06
Original Airdate August 10, 2016
Character In-Charge Kisaragi Koi
Japanese 賢い探偵!?
Romanized Kashikoi Tantei!?
English A Smart Detective!?
Story Kawasaki Itsuro
Storyboard Kawasaki Itsuro
Direction Sugimura Sonomi
Animation Director Shimizu Hiroyuki
Yamamura Shunryou
Lee Jung Hoon
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"Has an appearance of a young boy, with a mind full of grey matter. He is the great detective, Koikku!"

For the shooting of Gravi and Procella's promotional video, both groups are at a resort island!
From enjoying marine sports to a beach volleyball showdown, both groups are having their fill of the island and summer!
With the shooting going as planned, all that's left now is free time... when a tragic crime has occurred!
Without so much as a single lead on who committed the crime, Koi, claiming the title "the Great Detective Koikku",
has set out to solve this crime!
Will Koikku discover the one and only truth!?[1]



Opening ThemeEdit

 LOLV -Lots of Love-
  vocal: Procellarum
  words, music: Tsukino Mikoto
  arrange: KAN TAKAHIKO & zakbee
  work assistance: Koyama Goushi (Victor Music Arts)[3]

Ending ThemeEdit

  vocal: Satsuki Aoi (KENN)
  words, music: Nem
  work assistance: Tetsuya Ijiri (EXIT TUNES)[2]


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