Episode Number 07
Original Airdate August 17, 2016
Character In-Charge Mutsuki Hajime
Japanese 睦月始探検隊
Romanized Hajime Mutsuki Tankentai
English The Mutsuki Hajime Expedition
Story Kawasaki Itsuro
Storyboard Koiwai Norifumi
Direction Kawanishi Taiji
Animation Director Kim Yoon Jung
Chang Young Sun
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"We can't leave the island. We can't contact anyone outside the island as well. What should we do in this situation?"

Gravi and Procella's, who are at a resort island for the shooting of a promotional video,
are now involved in more trouble!
Because of a sudden storm, any means of obtaining essential utilities have been cut off!
With a strange, large creature littering the island, they have decided to investigate the island, with Hajime and Shun as the leaders.
In such terrible weather, Hajime's group, who have taken the forest route, has found at the end of their hardships a......!? [1]


  • Sasa Kenta as narrator[2]


Opening ThemeEdit

  vocal: Six Gravity
  words, music: Tsukino Mikoto
  arrange: zakbee & KAN TAKAHIKO
  work assistance: Koyama Goushi (Victor Music Arts)[3]

Ending ThemeEdit

 pluvia~Uso to Nukumori~
  vocal: Minaduki Rui (Aoi Shouta)
  words, music: Yuyoyuppe
  Co-producer: Yusaku Murata (TOKYO LOGIC Ltd.)[2]


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