Episode Number 10
Original Airdate September 7, 2016
Character In-Charge Satsuki Aoi
Japanese アオイホノオ
Romanized AOI HONOO
English Blue Flames
Story Kawasaki Itsuro
Storyboard Kawasaki Itsuro
Direction Hata Yoshito
Animation Director Ishizaki Yuuko
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"I-is this okay? Doing this sort of thing, really......"

Aoi and Koi, as part of a variety show, have to wake-up ambush
the members of Gravi and Procella.
Even if it's part of work, Aoi, who is not used to doing such ambushes to his friends, and Koi, who's all for it.
And so these two quietly sneak into the other members' rooms and give their feedback!
Will they be able to succeed in their wake-up ambush?
Will the veiled, secret private lives of these idols, whose fame has been on a steady rise, be revealed...!?[1]


  • Matsuoka Ippei as Protagonist
  • Fudemura Eishin as Good-looking Enemy
  • Inoue Yuuki as Director
  • Furuhata Keisuke as Staff
  • Komatsu Junya as Staff[2]


Opening ThemeEdit

 LOLV -Lots of Love-
  vocal: Procellarum
  words, music: Tsukino Mikoto
  arrange: KAN TAKAHIKO & zakbee
  work assistance: Koyama Goushi (Victor Music Arts)[3]

Ending ThemeEdit

 nox~Kaze no Record~
  vocal: Nagatsuki Yoru (Kondo Takashi)
  words, music: John[2]


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