Track list
1. 第11話「迷いの瞬間 」
Dai 11-wa: Mayoi no Shunkan / Episode 11: Moment of Indecision
character in-charge: Shimotsuki Shun
2. 第12話「Full Moon Festival」
Dai 12-wa: Full Moon Festival / Episode 12: Full Moon Festival
character in-charge: Six Gravity & Procellarum
mare~Kimi to Tsudzuru Koukai Nisshi~ / mare~The Logbook I Wrote with You~
words, music, arrange: Hitoshizuku×Yama△
vocals: Fuduki Kai (Hatano Wataru)
albion ~Futari Dake no Shiro~ / albion~A White Just for the Two of Us~
words, music, arrange: kikuo
vocals: Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei)

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