Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Vol. 5
Song title
ver~Utayomidori no Koe~
ver~The Bush Warbler’s Voice~
Singer Producer(s)
Yayoi Haru (Maeno Tomoaki) Yuuyu
Album Release Date
Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Vol. 5 December 27, 2017

initium~Shikoku Hyourin~


Japanese, Romaji and English TranslationEdit

Japanese[1] Romaji English
僕らの未来がひとつひとつ bokura no mirai ga hitotsu hitotsu Until our future, one by one,
大きな花を咲かせるまで ねえ ookina hana wo sakaseru made nee blooms into a large flower... okay?

あどけない顔してほほえむ君の adokenai kao shite hohoemu kimi no Next to you, who smiles with an innocent face,
隣で同じよう笑ってさ tonari de onaji you waratte sa I laugh to match you
願わくはこうしていついつまでも negawaku wa koushite itsu itsu made mo I wish that this kind of moment
ずっと続きますように zutto tsudzukimasu you ni can go on forever and ever

でもね 変わらないものは無いと知ってるから demo ne kawaranai mono wa nai to shitteru kara However, I know that there's nothing that can stay the same forever
廻る季節の中でまた歌うよウグイス 春を探して meguru kisetsu no naka de mata utau yo UGUISU haru wo sagashite In the revolving seasons, the warbler will sing again, searching for spring

大切なものが思い出になって taisetsu na mono ga omoide ni natte Even if what's dear to us turns into mere memories
両の手からこぼれ落ちても ryou no te kara koboreochitemo and spills off from our two hands
僕らは止まらない bokura wa tomaranai There's nothing that can stop us
この胸の中あるあたたかいもの kono mune no naka aru atatakai mono The warmth that resides in this chest
僕は知ってる そうだろ boku wa shitteru sou daro I know what it is; don't you?

ほら見てごらん 小さなつぼみ hora mite goran chiisana tsubomi Hey, look over there; small flower buds
肩並べてる みんな違う花 kata narabeteru minna chigau hana lining up together, even though they're all different flowers
競って笑って共に支えて kisotte waratte tomo ni sasaete Competing, laughing, and supporting each other
ずっと居られますように zutto iraremasu you ni So that they can always be together

届かない夢は無いと信じさせてほしいけど todokanai yume wa nai to shinjisasete hoshii kedo Let me believe that there's no dream that's too far to reach, but
この手でやれる事をまず探すよ 平気さ 君がいるから kono te de yareru koto wo mazu sagasu yo heiki sa kimi ga iru kara I will first search what I can do with these hands, I'll be fine, because you're here

大切な人が僕の手を取って taisetsu na hito ga boku no te wo totte The one who's dear to me grabs my hand
両の()から溢れる ああ ryou no me kara afureru aa Making my eyes brimming with- ah
僕らは咲かせよう bokura wa sakaseyou Let us make them bloom
この胸の中あるあたたかいもの kono mune no naka aru atatakai mono The warmth that resides in this chest
君も知ってるだろ kimi mo shitteru daro You also know what it is, right?

「咲いた、咲いた!」って笑おう "saita, saita!" tte waraou Let's laugh as we say, "They're blooming, they're blooming!"
始まりを歌おう hajimari wo utaou Let's sing of beginning
春は待ってる おいで haru wa matteru oide Spring is waiting; come here


  1. Encoded from CD Booklet by User:MoonlightSelenia.

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